16 May 2007

Colour Filled Day

I have had an explosion of colour today. It started this morning when I made a quilt block. I think I have written before that I have been wanting to bring me and my quilts into the 21st Century by making a quilt which has a more up-to-date look. So this is what I made. Encouraged by this I decided to make three more blocks and this is the result. So much colour was making me dizzy. I needed time to contemplate this dramatic departure from my usual style of quilt making. Outside, the sky was an incredible blue and the sun was dazzlingly bright so John and I decided to take our sandwich lunch down to the river at East Perth. There was just no escaping all that colour. The river and the sky were so blue. The houses were so colourful
and the artwork so dramatic. Even the foliage was a reminder of those startling blocks awaiting me at home. Then, just when I was beginning to think 'enough with the colour', two little oases appeared. I wonder who Deborah is/was.

We decided to finish our river escapade with a coffee at Matilda Bay, but all that blue was still with us.
I think I will sleep on whether or not to proceed with that quilt, but something tells me that I will. I am already starting to feel the itch to get back to it.

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Suse said...

Glorious photographs! I particularly love the stone seat, and the orange berries.