14 April 2015

Filling the shelves

My china shop shelves are beginning to fill up.

I think the Liberty fabrics are working well and are making very pretty pots and vases.  However, in typical fashion, whereas I thought I had enough of them in my stash, I have had to buy a few more just to give me a good variety.  Not a hardship really as I love an excuse to visit the fabric shop.

06 April 2015

Autumn beauty

It's been a while since there have been any roses on the blog.  I picked these Autumn beauties this morning and thought they should be shared.
Warning - an overload of rosey photos follows.

It's sad to think the rose season will soon be coming to an end, but I have pruned and fertilised and am hoping for a lot more beauty before I pick the last rose of the year.

03 April 2015

English paper piecing

This little forest of pins is holding down all my hexagon flowers which have now been basted on to their papers and are awaiting whip stitching together.

It didn't take too long to do and was not as tedious as I thought it would be.  In fact, I can (almost) see how the process could become addictive.

I think the next stage, the joining together of each little hexagon, might take a little longer to do because my stitching will have to be much more precise.  In the meantime, the latest Homespun magazine has arrived and, while I originally thought that it would not matter if I did not finish each block every month, I now feel strangely compelled to keep up with each issue.

15 March 2015

China shop progress

I have started cutting out my hexagon flowers for the China Shop quilt.  I love the effect of fussy cutting but do not like the process.

I always feel like a vandal when I see all the holes in my precious fabrics.

Here are a few of them all cut and ready for English paper piecing.

A lot of work to be done to finish this process and I had hoped to more or less keep up with each monthly issue of Homespun.  When I look at all these flowers I think I might have been overly optimistic.

08 March 2015

Now for some applique

I thought I would complete the United Stitches quilt before starting any new projects but that was before I saw the latest issue of Homespun magazine and fell in love with the quilt designed by Kaffe Fassett called China Shop.  Fortunately this is a block of the month project so I can take my time with it and still work on my little embroideries.  Being designed by Kaffe the intention is that his fabrics are used but, (shoot me down in flames)  I am going to include some Liberty fabrics which have been in the cupboard for ages just waiting for the perfect project to come along and I think it has.

Some progress has been made and two vases are ready to be appliqued.

They are scarily large.  This is going to be a big quilt.

Now I have to make some hexagon flowers which will be a challenge as these are not my favourite things to make.  However, I do think I am ready for a new challenge after months of inactivity. Maybe if I say English paper piecing instead of hexagons I will enjoy the process more.

02 March 2015

More embroidery

Another embroidery project.   This is called United Stitches and it was created with the stitching community in mind.  Every little kit includes 2 of the same stitchery so that it can be swapped with friends, sewing groups or through the facebook community.  Luckily for me two of the ladies from my sewing group have decided to stitch along with me so we will be able to exchange patterns.  Once completed, they can be sewn into a bed quilt, a wall quilt, or any other project which takes your fancy.  I will probably make a quilt.  No surprise there.

One embroidery completed.  Lots more to come.

27 February 2015

A little embroidery

You might recognise this embroidery from the Vignette Mystery Quilt and you might have thought that I was "embroidered out" of this particular style of stitching.  While there was a LOT of it in the quilt I did enjoy doing it and when I spotted this little doily in the Vignette Magazine I thought it would be a quick and easy project.

I backed it with a pretty piece of  Liberty fabric.

Now it provides a perfect centrepiece for the table.