13 March 2014

Watercolour fun

If I was a painter, I would paint in watercolours. I love their faded beauty and the way they portray an impression rather than a precise image. Unfortunately I am not and doubt I ever will be a painter, but I can take photos and by using an app I have discovered, I can effortlessly transform my photos into watercolour paintings.

In my mind, flowers make the perfect watercolour picture, but I wondered if other images would also transform as well.  These coloured threads did.

This one is my favourite.  I think they would  make lovely note or greeting cards.

The app I is used is called Waterlogue.  It is very addictive.

02 March 2014

Happy village

I have never wanted to make an art quilt, or at least that was true until I saw Karen Eckmeier demonstrate her Happy Villages on The Quilt Show last year.  I have always been a sucker for cottages and villages and so I tucked away this idea for the future.  The future arrived last week and I was amazed how quickly this little quilt came together.  

On a small piece of batting, I started with a chunk of sky, added a mountain and then some ocean.  

Next I cut out lots of different step shapes.

And started to place these on the quilt.

The key is not to overthink where you are putting the shapes, simply put up them as quickly as possible.

Nothing like a village is it.  But when I started adding rooftops and windows, something magic happened.

When all the houses had been completed I covered everything in a very fine tulle which I quilted to hold it all in place.

 I couldn't resist adding a little umbrella to the terrace of the house at the bottom left.

And here is my little Cinque Terra village (with a bit of artistic licence).

24 February 2014

Keeping our cool

Here in Perth, summer is hanging on tenaciously and we are doing everything we can to keep cool.

My latest attempt in this regard is this delicious watermelon drink.  The ingredients couldn't be simpler: watermelon  and coconut water (I used about 3 cups of watermelon and 250 mls of coconut water, but you can vary this according to taste).  You can use plain coconut water, or a flavoured one.  I used mango and it gave the drink an extra dimension.  Throw everything in the blender with lots of ice.

So refreshing.

20 February 2014

Return to the sewing room

My clothes are once again covered in threads.  I must be back in the sewing room.

It has taken me a while to find my feet after hip surgery (is that a pun?), but the desire to return to the sewing room has finally caught up with me.  I knew I wanted to make a quilt and I knew I wanted it to be simple, low volume and to include some quirky fabrics and touches of black and white.  All the fabrics I wanted to use were already in my stash so it was just a matter of cutting them into strips, joining the strips and cutting these again into pieced squares.

As you can see my trusty crutch is never far away from me.

Then I started to place the strips.  I tried not to overthink where I put them because, as I said, I wanted this to be simple, so the strips were put up on the design wall more or less randomly.  When I was happy with the placement I sewed everything together.

Now I have a pretty quilt top.  My next challenge is to back it and quilt it, but as my usual method of doing this is to crawl around on the floor while I sandwich everything together, it might be a while before it is completed.  While my recovery is going well, I am not yet up to floor crawling.

11 December 2013

Day six

Home again. This was probably my most difficult day. Trying to readjust to the home environment is going to be a challenge and remembering that I just can't do everything for myself for a while is the hardest thing of all. The biggest mistake I made was not keeping up with my pain medication.  I had forgotten that every few hours in hospital a nurse is there to give Paracetamol which keeps me going between doses of stronger medication and by the the end of the day I was a mess. Won't be making that mistake again!!
As I will not be spending much time in the sewing room for a while I will have a little break from blogging. I am going to be busy over the next few weeks doing my exercises. Ouch!

10 December 2013

Day five

Fortunately the gym visit turned out to be lesson on going up and down stairs, getting in and out of cars and what to do and not do when I get home. Having received ten out of ten for my gym work I was given the all clear to go home tomorrow.   I bounced out of that gym and crutched my leaden leg back to my room to collapse on the bed for yet another little nap.

09 December 2013

Day four

Why do physios have to be so bouncy??  Yesterday she bounced in here as though she had just bounced off the netball court, full of youth and good health. After getting me to "scooch" up the bed (scooch???) she taught me some new exercises to add to the already tortuous regime I am trying to undertake. Then she bounced out of my room with the promise of a visit to the gym tomorrow. GYM!!! I can hardly wait. Doesn't she know that I have a lump of lead hanging off my body and the gym is the last place I want to go.  I must sound like a very grumpy old lady whereas I am actually very grateful for the wonderful care I am receiving and every day the lump of lead gets a little lighter.  I am even taking little strolls on my crutches up and down the corridor giving smiles of encouragement to my fellow sufferers.