03 January 2015

Bringing back the pastels

The Christmas tinsel and glitter has been packed away for another year and it's time to bring back the soft pastels I love.

A pretty soy candle (yet to be lit) and three little rosebuds provide just the right karma for an afternoon on the couch downloading my favourite magazines from the library (free - how good is that) and catching up on some feel good reading.

02 January 2015

Putting out fires?

After much searching, I found these little fire engines and a digger for the little boys.

A fire engine each for the twins (in an attempt to avoid any arguments), and a digger for little C.  In actual fact, the fire engines might be needed to put out the fire which will occur if the twins decide they would prefer their coins to come packaged in a digger.

I found a lot of papercraft cars, trucks etc but some of them involved a great deal of effort to assemble and I was looking for something quick and easy.

These took only a couple of minutes to print, fold and fill with chocolate coins.

I hope they like them and if they are demolished in the process of getting to the treats inside then it doesn't matter.

Pleased to report that no fires had to be extinguished and all seemed happy with their respective fire engines and digger.

24 December 2014

Strawberry time

The strawberries are delicious at this time of the year and when I discovered these little strawberry treat boxes I immediately thought of two little girls who might like a delicious treat.

I filled them with chocolate coins, a must have at Christmas time.

 My strawberries didn't take too long to make but they took even less time to demolish once the girls discovered there was a treat inside the boxes.

Now I am on the lookout for paper diggers or trucks as I know three little boys who also deserve a Christmas treat.

Happy Christmas to all from the cut cloth.

14 December 2014

Mood Board

I recently came across this lovely blog and was inspired by the beautiful images it contains.  One of them, a lovely 'mood board' created from white flowers made me go straight into the garden in search of my own white flowers.

I wondered if I would be able to find enough of them to recreate the pretty image I had seen.

I am pleased to say I did.

04 December 2014

Making a point

I am calling this quilt 'Making a point'.  What point I, or it, is trying to make I am not sure, but perhaps it is that even when you aren't feeling as well as you would like, you can still make quilts.  I have only two more chemotherapy sessions left and it is wonderful to be counting down instead of looking at the mountain I had to get over at the beginning of this year.

As you can see I quilted it with lots of straight lines and I really love the texture this gives the quilt.
The backing is a piece of fabric I picked up at Ikea which I thought was fun and suited the modern look of the quilt.

But I really love how the blue and white baubles on my tiny Christmas tree match the quilt so well.

09 October 2014

Spring fling

I love a lot of things about Spring, but one of the pleasures I like best is to pick a vase of spring flowers from the garden.

I don't care about colour selection, I just pick whatever is blooming and put them altogether in a vase.

They might look a bit garish, but after a winter without colour (in more ways than one), I am just happy to see so many bright colours together.

Such delicate blooms probably won't last long, but they will certainly make me happy for a few days.

We have been enjoying the most glorious weather over the last few days - the sort of weather that makes you want to be outside all the time.  This has been my favourite seat in the house.

From here I can admire the roses which have done themselves proud this year.

26 September 2014

Wildflower season

It is wildflower season in Western Australia and John and I have been to Kings Park to see the astonishing variety of flowers. This is just a small sample - enjoy.