07 August 2007

Kitchen Utensils

That Mrs Beeton was quite a gal in the kitchen and she had some wonderful utensils. Some (most) of her food is completely alien to us now, but her utensils do not seem so unfamiliar.
I wonder what she would think of my latest kitchen gadget. It looks positively spaceage compared to her chafing dishes and dutch ovens. This wonderful tool makes eating apples so much easier and we are now eating a lot more of them. It was introduced to me by D of Rose Cottage fame and I have now bought one for Melissa and Amanda. For $3.95 from Ikea it would have to be the best kitchen bargain around. I can't resist just one more piece of grossness: I love Mrs B's reference to sending the dish to table. If I sent these dishes to table, I would be shot at dawn.


Edna said...

Enjoyed the delicious recipes!

Marjie said...

Hi dear D. I paid $8 or $9 for my corer from Ikea!! Rip off! I have since cored numerous apples at the various schools I visit! Bit of a hoot. Will you mention my old cookery book articals now that you have Mrs B's? Prob not!
Keep me laughing please!