13 August 2007

The Lily Man Cometh (apologies to Eugene O'Neill)

Forgive my excitement, but every weekend at about this time of the year I look forward to seeing the 'lily man' who sets up his van in a local car park and sells beautiful lilies for just $5 a bunch. This year he has been 'missing in action' because of a redevelopment of said car park. So when Melissa sent me a text message on Sunday to say that she had found the lily man in another location I immediately got into the car and went to buy a bunch. I know that some people are very superstitious about these flowers and won't have them in the house, but I love them. I used to think they were a simple flower with no pretensions, but I have changed my mind. I now believe the lily has multiple personalities. She can be simplicity itself;

or she can be mysterious;
she can be extremely haughty and look down her nose at the other flowers; she can put on very superior airs and graces;
or she can have the appearance of coming from another world.
And, of course, she can be a bit frisky!

Whatever her personality, there will always be a place in my home for the beautiful lily.

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