07 November 2007

It's a Frog's Life

A little green frog has taken up residence in the garden. Actually, two little green frogs have taken up residence but only one was basking in the sunshine this afternoon. This is going to be me next week when the market is over - lying in the sun without a care in the world. However, this will have to remain a dream for a bit longer as there are now only three days to go before the market. The weather bureau is forecasting a 34 degree day. I guess that is better than a wet day, but still......!
All our sewing is completed and now we have only the logistics of how to set up the stall and get everything to market to resolve. I have been scrounging through the huge rubbish bins at the rear of the supermarket looking for boxes and hoping no-one I know sees me (they might think I have fallen on hard times). Altogether we have made over 400 items and we are feeling quite pleased with ourselves. We had the smiles wiped off our faces in a hurry, however, when we were stuck at the side of the road during one particularly hectic day. Once again the RAC came to our rescue. I am ashamed to say that I have never changed a tyre in my life and Mandy (who has) wasn't about to, so when the driver arrived I hid behind her eight month pregnant bump. Pathetic I know.

Because our hands and fingers are starting to show the signs of all our hard work, we decided to make a product that did not require any sewing at all. Cute as a button to hold up a ponytail. Even they were hard on the fingers as we prodded and poked the elastics through the button shanks.

Roll on next week when I will be joining the frog in the sunshine.

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