25 April 2008

Anzac Day

Every so often, I think we all need a day at home when we have no commitments, nothing urgent to be attended to and nowhere special to go. In other words, a 'me' day. Unfortunately, I find such days rather elusive. However, today I have had a rare and much needed 'me' day and have loved every minute of it. I have been sewing, reading, blogging, taking photos, doing minimal housework, eating simply, knitting, enjoying the incredible autumn weather and remembering our brave soldiers, thanks to whom we can enjoy days like these.

In thinking about our defence forces, I was reminded of a tiny brooch I have. I looked for it and the silver polish and here it is.

The stylised letters in the centre spell out RAAF. My father served in the RAAF during the Second World War and he gave this little brooch to his mother (my Nana). She also had a tiny rising sun brooch given to her by Dad's brother who served in the Army. Apparently it was common for the soldiers to give these brooches to their loved ones at home. No doubt they were worn proudly to show that they had sons, husbands etc serving in the armed forces.

I made a hat today using the last of our magnolia fabric. When I was ironing the hat, I inadvertently turned it into a slouch hat - hence my Anzac thoughts.

I hope I am not offending anyone by putting the RAAF pin on a slouch hat, but my mother is still searching for the rising sun brooch.

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