09 November 2008

Climbing the stairway of sock success

I think I am progressing in my sock knitting career. My first steps were tentative and produced a cute pair of slip ons.

I was a bit more adventurous as I climbed the stairs and my Noro Silk Garden yarn purchased in New York knitted up into a pretty pair of socks.

Three quarters of the way on my journey, it's time to tackle some self-striping yarn. This is so much fun as I watch the stripes appear as if by magic.

Right up there at the top of the stairs is my final goal.

'Knitting for the Forces'.

Why I am stuck on knitting socks for soldiers I just don't know, but I suspect it is because over the years my mother has often referred to the socks she knitted during the War and so it has always seemed to me that if you knit socks you send them off to a grateful soldier. I don't actually know any soldiers. I do know someone in the Navy, but I think that he would regard me as a bit of a weirdo if I presented him with a pair of hand-knitted socks (especially if they had a pom pom on the heel!) and I can't see him swabbing the decks in Silk Garden or pretty stripes.

Unbelievably, the pattern book my mother used still exists.

How could you resist knitting something for this little trooper.

John is always complaining of cold feet so I think he is going to be the recipient of my soldier socks. Sorry John, khaki coloured yarn is impossible to find these days (and probably boring to knit) so you will have to make do with something more colourful.

When I have knitted my soldier socks will I be a real sock knitter?

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