30 April 2009

Happy cushions

This beautiful fabric has been sitting on a shelf for some time and I have been itching to make something with it. So when a request for four cushions was received last week I was very excited to be able to relieve that itch.

I think the fabric makes up into fantastic cushions which, hopefully, will look amazing in their new home. They will bring a touch of colour into any room and, I hope, a smile to the face of all who look at them. There is something about the colour yellow which always makes me feel happy.

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Von said...

Hi fellow Perthite! I've been enjoying your blog for quite a while without commenting, so time to say "Hi!" and let you know I think your photos are gorgeous and the fabric...wow! I hope you've recovered from the maggot episode and are nearly the end of your shirt-stripe quilt so we can all enjoy looking at it, Von