29 September 2009

Spring was here

Two days ago, Spring arrived for a day. I made a batch of lime butter cupcakes, gathered the family and we headed off to Kings Park.....so did the entire population of Perth, who like us had been longing for a day such as this so we could head outdoors and enjoy some sunshine after what has been a long, grey and damp winter. As there was not a spare carpark to be had which was within walking distance of anything other than bushland, we changed our plans and went to the river instead.

There we ate our cupcakes (remembering to take their picture just before they all disappeared),

the littlest one licked the chocolate off a biscuit when she thought no-one was looking;

she debated whether to make a run for the water;

tried to muscle in on someone else's ballgame;

investigated somebody's bike;

walked along a wall holding mum's hand;

perhaps contemplated her own wedding day many years away;

liked the look of the cupcake wedding cake (much better than nana's lime butter);

and tried to work out what the bride was doing in the boot of the car.

Just as well we made the most of that sunshine because winter has returned and it is cold and raining again. However, I hear that our dams are at 50% capacity so that is a good thing. All the same, some warmer weather would be good.

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Anonymous said...

Much cuteness! Can't think of a better excuse for getting out in the sun than a batch of home-made lime butter cupcakes. Did you, perchance, make the littlest one's hat? Very nice :)
PS Thanks for the well wishes!