13 September 2009

Wild wildflowers

It is wildflower season in Western Australia and in Kings Park there are some very wild wildflowers. We dodged the Spring showers yesterday and went to the park to admire their beauty and, in some cases, strangeness.

These drifts of pink and white everlasting daisies were everywhere and seemed to stretch forever.

The kangaroo paw, the national floral emblem for Western Australia, is always spectacular

and a new black and green variety has been bred which is breathtaking.

However, there are no prizes for guessing my favourite.


Anonymous said...

Great shots, Di! I bet you found it hard to drag yourself away from the everlastings...SO beautiful. I was back there again on Saturday with the kiddos and I think they are quite over the flowers at this point, but I am plotting another visit when the in-laws visit next week. That's compulsoury, right?

The Wooly Wumpus said...

Your pictures are beautiful - I feel like I'm in Australia, and not Canada!

Anonymous said...

i too love the Everlastings. The pinks, mauves and purples are stunning with the yellow/green centres.
Beautiful photos...