08 January 2010

New year, new quilt

Happy New Year to all.

New year, new quilt and soon a new baby. I had to get my skates on once we were finished with Christmas, New Year and a second birthday as I really wanted to finish this quilt before baby arrives. Quite by accident Melissa and I chose a lot of fabrics depicting birds. Very serendipitous (love that word) as she has an owl theme in the nursery.

I used a plain cotton for the back, but added some simple four patches to make it interesting.

I kept the quilting very plain by stitching down the sides of each panel. As we don't know whether baby is a boy or a girl, I think the colour scheme will work well for either.

Because of all those birds, I called the quilt "Count the birdies" and I think I had better now go and do just that because it is inevitable that one day a little voice will ask Nana how many birdies there are.


Kate said...

What a beautiful start to the new year - I am sure the arrival will treasure it.

rosa said...

gorgeous quilt!

CJ said...

I am so inspired by how quickly you get your projects done! My theme for 2010 (not good at resolutions) is "doing/finishing". You prove all the time that busy people CAN make beautiful things for the people they love. Thank you.