31 January 2010

Rose nectar

So what's a rose lover to do when faced with this little bottle of rare European rose nectar "made from the essential nectar of the Kazanlak rose from central Bulgaria"? She has to buy it of course, because she knows just what she is going to do with the little bottle when she has drunk that nectar.

The rose lover has her doubts about the rarity of said nectar because she had to pay only a few dollars for her bottle, but it certainly made a pretty vase for her own, not at all rare, summer roses.


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Di! They are so pretty and it's the perfect compliment. BTW I am tagging you in my latest post but feel totally free to ignore. I had to come up with seven beautiful blogs and yours certainly qualifies. I mean...look at these!

Marjie said...

Perfect petals - I can almost smell the roses from here!!So beautiful.
Was the Rose nectar like a sherry?