12 January 2010

Stacks of grannies

I saw this beautiful bunch of gerberas when I was shopping yesterday and they immediately reminded me of my rather messy work basket and the grannies which are stacking up in it.

I had some yarn left over after I had finished the gelato ripple blanket and decided to make some granny squares with it.

I doubt that I will have enough to make a decent sized rug, but there might be enough for a small lap blanket. They are a good project for the summer because of their size. When the temperature starts to soar into the 40s it is much too hot to have a woollen blanket draped over my knees no matter how lovely the colours are. I can spend the summer months stacking up my grannies and then, when the weather turns cooler, I can sew them together and keep myself warm at the same time. At the moment, all I can think about is keeping cool.

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