21 January 2010

Twinkle toes

Last year on a visit to Melbourne I went to a beautiful needlework shop where I saw the pattern for these precious little felt slippers and I knew I had to make them. How lucky that there is a new baby on the way.

Of course, they are totally impractical, can never be washed and, therefore, will probably never be worn. Added to which they have flowers on them and if baby is a boy I don't think Stewart will approve of his son wearing anything so pretty.

I really love the little buttons.

They were such fun to make. It is ages since I have done any embroidery and it reminded me what a lovely and gentle process it is. In fact, I so enjoyed it that I am going to try to embroider some little singlets. I will have to try to make them a little less pretty so that they can actually be worn.


rosa said...

lovely work! Do tell the name of the needle work shop! I'm wondering if it's one that I haven't discovered yet ;)

Di said...

Thanks Rosa
The name of the needlework shop is Bustle & Bows and it is in Union Road, Canterbury.