11 April 2010

Hearts and flowers

Inspiration did eventually strike and it was in the form of gently rolling waves. Many thanks to Quilting Cyclist who suggested channel quilting the border. I thought this was a good idea and would have used it if I had not already started making waves.

I called the quilt Ocean Breezes.

Most of the fabric is from the 'Flights of Fancy' range by Paula Prass and this colour way is called Ocean. The swirling loop d' loop quilting reminds me of the summer breezes which come off the nearby ocean and the waves along the border obviously represent the gentle swell of the sea.

It hadn't occurred to me until now, but the backing fabric could be grains of sand from the beach.

I also quilted in a few subliminal messages.

Nothing to do with the ocean - but just because I felt like it. And now it's off to live with Melissa & Stewart.

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QuiltingCyclist said...

I am so happy that worked. Sometimes we just over think our work. Thank you for acknowledging my comment. This is my first one and really makes me feel good. The quilt is beautiful. Many compliments.