17 June 2010

Bridging a gap

It has been a long time between posts so in an effort to bridge the gap and at the risk of repeating myself, the littlest one and I have been down to the river again to see if our friend the dolphin was there. He/she wasn't, so in the absence of our fishy friend, we did a bridge walk.

We saw pretty bridges

long bridges

and functional bridges

Unlike the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk, ours was a much more relaxed walk and did not require the use of harnesses and other scary apparatus.

The scariest thing we encountered was a crop of pampas grass.

I thought these things had been outlawed as a noxious pest years ago and was surprised to see them growing so prolifically. The other surprise was a big patch of lantana. How sad that something so delicate and beautiful should be regarded as a weed.

It's hard to believe that all this is so close to the city. We felt miles from anywhere.

I have been busy in the sewing room but have nothing finished. I hope to rectify this soon when there will be a 'show and tell'.

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