16 February 2011

Baby it's hot outside

It has been so hot here, it's been hard to know what to do with myself. I tried to imagine I was a sprig of mint diving into a jug of ice cubes.

That didn't really help so I decided to make some lemon cordial to add to the mint and ice cubes.

At least my insides are cool.

This is my Aunty Dorothy's recipe. We always called her Dor Dor because Dorothy was such a mouthful for little people. She was a wonderful cook. Her pastry melted in the mouth. She made the best green tomato chutney I have ever tasted and her lemon cordial really hits the spot on a hot day.

Dor Dor's Lemon Cordial

Juice of at least 3 lemons
In Dor Dor's words: 1 and a half pounds of sugar (sorry Dor Dor measuring out this much sugar was too much for me and I reduced it to 600 gms.
1 desertspoon epsom salts
2 desertspoons citric acid
1 desertspoon tartaric acid
750 mls of boiling water

Boil water and sugar add other ingredients and strain into a bottle. Keep refrigerated,

and keep cool.

1 comment:

Marjie said...

It is the best lemon cordial. Think I'll have a glass right now! I always have some in the fridge during Summer.