31 March 2011

Flying quilts

The members of my sewing group have been busy sewing quilts to donate to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I should say some of the members, as I have managed to produce a miserly one. This week we paid a visit to the RFDS at Jandakot Airport to hand over our quilts and we were given a fabulous welcome and a tour of the facilities. Every day, an average of 21 flights are made all over Western Australia, bringing patients to hospitals in the city.

An added bonus was the dashing young pilot who accompanied us with the very busy nurse.

The quilts are given to children who are being transferred by the RFDS and we were told they get through about 600 quilts every year. Many of them are given to indigenous children, some of whom have never had any personal possessions and they cling to their quilt as if their life depended on it. It made me ashamed of my efforts and I resolved to do better next time. While we were so appreciative of the time they gave us, they were also appreciative of our quilts and happy to show us around.

We were allowed to go inside a plane and I was amazed how little space they have to work in. Sometimes they can have up to 2 or 3 patients on board, together with a nurse and a doctor (and a pilot, of course.) Somewhat cramped.

While we were there an emergency call came through and there was a rush to get a plane ready. Here it is taxiing out for take-off to somewhere in the outback. We lost our dashing pilot for a while as he gave a hand to the other crew.

Bon voyage little quilt. I hope you make a little person feel a bit better.


Anonymous said...

lovely mum - what a star you are! i have watched both of my little ones as they stare with intrigue and wonder at the quilts that you lovingly made for them as newborns. the colour, the pattern, the stiches - it is a beautiful gift, filled with hope. xxx

Anonymous said...

Yes, dearest. You are a star. I, too, have visited the RFDS, in Alice Springs, and immediately wanted to help. But the quilt you have made is priceless and indeed will soothe a little patien.t

Anonymous said...

That last comment and spelling error was from your cousin!

Anonymous said...

Lovely colourful quilt. I would like to make some for RDF, can you tell me the size they want the quilts to be pleas?

Di said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to answer the query re the size of the quilts. I knew the RFDS had changed the size of the quilts it would like but it has taken me this long to find out the new size. The measurements are approx 1 metre by 1 metre. Mine was much smaller than this, but they no longer want the small sizes.