06 March 2011

Wisteria cottage

Having almost finished rose cottage, I have now made a start on wisteria cottage.

The cottage came together quickly, but the wisteria flowers have proved to be a challenge. When John saw me making these he asked me what I was doing and, in turn, I asked him to guess. Understandably his first and only attempt was 'a bunch of grapes'. When I explained that I was actually embroidering wisteria flowers his response was 'well, they are the right colour'. I suppose that is as much as can be said for my wisteria flowers, but they will have to do.

I embroidered them onto a water soluble fabric, the idea being that when they are attached to their vine on the house, they would give a 3D effect.

I then hoped and prayed that when they were dunked into water the flowers would hold together. Only one of them came apart leaving little purple knots floating in the water. This reminds me of something horrible seen under a microscope.

I can't help wondering that if I had really understood just how much weird and unusual work was going to be involved in this bag, whether I would have attempted the project. Probably just as well I didn't know.

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Anonymous said...

Wisteria amobea :)
Seriously pretty