02 July 2011

Who needs sun?

We have had some lovely and much needed rain this week and the sun has only made rare and brief appearances. This morning I dodged the showers and went to the nearby farmers' market. Just look what I brought home.

The colours in the golden beetroot and the rainbow carrots are amazing. Who needs sun when the kitchen is glowing with these gorgeous vegetables.

I can feel a big vegetable bake coming up.

I will cook the sweet little baby turnips in boiling water for a few minutes then toss them in a pan with butter, oil and brown sugar to caramelise them.

As if all these weren't enough of a treat, I spoiled myself with a bunch of ornamental cabbages which complement the colours in my little quilt.

All in all a good, although slightly damp, morning.

1 comment:

Marjie said...

What marvellous purchases - especially the ornamental cabbages! They are so gentle and sweet on the eye!
Your turnip recipe sounds more exotic than what I usually do with turnips - throw them in a pot to add to the vegie soup! Yum Yum!