14 August 2011

Frilled with that

My girls complain that it is very difficult to buy good knits for little ones. I complain that it is very difficult to find good patterns to knit for little ones. So when I put this pink and white jumper together for Little A without following a pattern, I felt pretty pleased with myself.

It is the first time I have attempted to knit something without religiously following a pattern and while I can't say it has given me great confidence to create more originals, I certainly feel released from the tyranny of slavishly following patterns.

Who knows where this might lead.


Anonymous said...

You're amazing, Di! This is so sweet and hard to believe you must made it up :)

Marjie said...

It is so sweet - clever you! Lovely soft colours too . I want one for myself!! Lol xx

Maria said...

Just found your blog and while I have been admiring your quilting, I really love this project. I was going to ask about the pattern, till I got to the end of the post :-) Is it made with cotton?