02 August 2013

A little bit French

Ever since I recovered my wingback chair, I have wanted to add a cushion with French typography. Although I had seen these in the shops, I had been unable to find any fabric to make my own and had almost given up on the idea when I came across the Graphics Fairy. What a fantastic site it is. Every day a new vintage graphic is provided free for downloading and a lot of these are French and suitable for transfer printing onto fabric. I spent ages browsing as there are so many to choose from and I had a hard time deciding which one I preferred. I finally chose two and still don't know which I like best. They will just have to take turns sitting on my chair.

I have to say my first attempts at transfer printing were a dismal failure and once again I almost gave up on the idea.  I was using a product sold as suitable for transferring images onto T-shirts.  Well it might work for that but it certainly did not work on my fabric.  Then I tried Transfer Artist Paper which I bought here (I think it is also available at Spotlight for Australian readers) and it worked perfectly.

  At last, I have my French typography cushions.

1 comment:

Gillian said...

That is just beautiful. The white cushion, chair and wardrobe together all look so elegant. I like the second one best I think, but they are both lovely. x