11 December 2013

Day six

Home again. This was probably my most difficult day. Trying to readjust to the home environment is going to be a challenge and remembering that I just can't do everything for myself for a while is the hardest thing of all. The biggest mistake I made was not keeping up with my pain medication.  I had forgotten that every few hours in hospital a nurse is there to give Paracetamol which keeps me going between doses of stronger medication and by the the end of the day I was a mess. Won't be making that mistake again!!
As I will not be spending much time in the sewing room for a while I will have a little break from blogging. I am going to be busy over the next few weeks doing my exercises. Ouch!

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Gillian said...

Hi Di. I've just had a catch up here - I didn't know you'd been in hospital. Remember it's still VERY early days in the recovery process and just try to take one day at a time and not get too frustrated! I wish you a very happy and restful Christmas and a healthy New Year. x