18 May 2014

A bump in the road of life's journey

When I made Maeve some time ago, the last thing I expected to use her for was this.

Chemotherapy was not something I had factored into my life at all. But I am now six weeks into my treatment, have lost most of my hair and Maeve has been very useful.  So has my large collection of scarves.

I have thought long and hard about whether or not to continue writing the cut cloth.  At first my heart wasn't in it, but as I came to terms with my diagnosis I decided that I should keep going, if only to put things in perspective.

Sometimes, as bloggers, I think we tend to sugarcoat life and give the impression that everything in our lives is always perfect.  I am sure I have been guilty of this in the past.  Well, my life is not perfect at the moment, but I have the support of a wonderful family and good doctors and together we are going to overcome this bump in the road.

I might not be making regular posts, but will pop in from time to time to update you on my progress and, hopefully, share what has been happening in the sewing room.

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