09 October 2014

Spring fling

I love a lot of things about Spring, but one of the pleasures I like best is to pick a vase of spring flowers from the garden.

I don't care about colour selection, I just pick whatever is blooming and put them altogether in a vase.

They might look a bit garish, but after a winter without colour (in more ways than one), I am just happy to see so many bright colours together.

Such delicate blooms probably won't last long, but they will certainly make me happy for a few days.

We have been enjoying the most glorious weather over the last few days - the sort of weather that makes you want to be outside all the time.  This has been my favourite seat in the house.

From here I can admire the roses which have done themselves proud this year.


Marjie said...

Glorious photos. Such beautiful bouquets. Gotta love Spring!