15 May 2015

Making rope

If I saved all the fabric scraps I generate from my quilt making, I wouldn't be able to get into my sewing room.  However, I do save some and often wonder why I do as I rarely use them.   Then I saw this idea to use up scraps and thought I would try it.  I was immediately hooked as the process is very addictive and easy to do while watching TV.  Added to which the end result just looks SO pretty.

I started with a bag of scraps.

Which I cut/ripped up into narrow strips and, after a bit of twisting and turning, turned them into fabric rope.

My old wooden bobbin, which has been sitting in the sewing room for a long time looking decorative, but without much purpose, turned out to be the ideal place to house my finished rope.

I think it is really pretty and so colourful.

Once finished, the rope is incredibly strong and I am sure there would be a lot of uses for it. One that comes to mind is to use it for wrapping brown paper parcels.  For the moment, I am happy to enjoy looking at it as I find it so appealing.

Now my bobbin has a purpose and looks so pretty on the shelf.

I do love the internet for all the wonderful ideas and inspiration it provides.  In years gone by I would have happily paid for a class to learn how to do this.  Now it seems that everything is accessible with a few clicks and the generosity of a lot of people willing to share their good ideas.

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