16 November 2015

Christmas challenge

It's been a while since my quilting group has had a challenge and so this year we decided to each make a Christmas table runner.  I find it very hard to feel very Christmassy until much closer to the big day but thought I had better make a start on something.  I searched Pinterest for ideas and found this Christmas tree which I liked because of its simplicity.  Then I found some fabrics which were also simple and not too bright and made three little trees.

I finished it with some straight line quilting and it was done.

I can't say I am delighted with it because I am not and I think that maybe I haven't put enough effort into it.  I know that the other members of  the group will produce table runners which are lot more interesting and look more Christmassy than mine.  However, I am not really into table runners of any season and I even wonder if I will use this one.  Ho Ho Ho, or should that be Ho Hum.


Janice said...

I've stumbled upon your post. Please don't think your runner is "Ho Hum". It is lovely and fresh and will have taken you quite some time to make. It will stack up nicely against others. Use it with pride.

Di said...

Thank you Janice. You have helped me see it in a new light.