21 February 2016

Two bites of the cherry

Last year, when I ticked off my bucket list a visit to Petersham Nursery in the UK, I didn't for a minute contemplate that I would be back again within six months,  However, that is just what has happened during my blog absence.  Daughter A and family have gone to live in London.  I would like to say for a short time, but I suspect that it could be for a few years.  Lovely for them, but very sad for me.  The upside, of course, is that I now have a good reason to visit which I hope to be able to do regularly.

It was wonderful to return to Petersham in the winter and how different it was to my last visit during the summer.  I felt a bit sorry for these little primulas with their blanket of frost.

The fountain which had been splashing happily in the greenhouse on my last visit was now covered with icicles.

As usual, the displays were stunning and temptation was everywhere.

On our last visit, we had afternoon tea in the greenhouse.  This time we treated ourselves to a lovely lunch in the cafe.

I don't suppose many people get to tick something off their bucket list twice so I think I am very lucky.  Who knows, now that I have more reasons to visit the UK, I might even have three ticks against this item.  Now that would be greedy!

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