22 May 2016

Birthday quilt

My first born turned 40 in April.  You know that time is slipping away when your children start having BIG birthdays.  

I have wanted to make her a quilt for some time but, knowing how fussy she is about patterns and colours, I kept putting it off.  When I found a pattern and fabric which I loved and just had to use, I decided to make her a quilt and hope for the best.

During the making of this quilt, which I call 'Stairways' I fell in love with it as did several others who saw it so that I knew if M didn't like it, I would be able to find it a good home.

As it turned out, that wasn't necessary because she loves it (I think she is being truthful).

It is always welcome to come home again, as I think it looks rather nice in my house.  Don't they say that the best presents are those that you don't want to give away.

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