03 November 2006

In the Beginning

I have been procastinating about starting a blog for months. I was going to call it Quilts n' Roses but, when I first started thinking about a blog, my rose bushes were only sticks in the garden and there wasn't much quilting going on. Several months ago I retired from full time work and, while I can't say I suddenly find myself with a lot more spare time, I certainly do have more time to indulge my passions of gardening and fabric and textiles.

I have been sewing, quilting, cross stitching and knitting, among other things, for as long as I can remember. However, these were always fitted in around family and work commitments. Now that the family (two wonderful daughters M & A) have left home and office work is becoming a distant memory, I am looking forward to spending time working with fabrics. With encouragement and support from A who has for a long time suggested we work together in some way, The Cut Cloth was born and so was the impetus I needed to start my blog. Who knows where the journey will take us, but finding out will be fun.

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