19 November 2006

She's Home

My Janome has come home and all our fabric has arrived from the US. The first product has come off the production line and here it is.

I love the colours in this fabric which are the same as the new hydrangeas in A & M's garden. As A was holding the cushion away from the soil so that it did not get dirty, I could not help thinking that this made a good metaphor for our business which is now "off the ground". Of course, we haven't sold anything yet so perhaps we are not really underway until we make our first sale. That will be a red letter day.

Our fabrics look so beautiful I am almost reluctant to cut this cloth, but it is exciting to think about the transformation that they will undergo and what the future will bring.

We have been to see the movie "A Good Year". I think that Russell Crowe was miscast in this role but the scenes in Provence were heavenly and the movie worth seeing just for this. I even recognised some of the places we were lucky enough to visit on our trip to France in 2005. I wonder if I will get there again one day. I really hope so as it is such a beautiful place.

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Marjie said...

I love your blog! I wish you the very best of luck in getting The Cut Cloth small business up and running!