22 November 2006

We've Seen the Light!

Hooray - our politicians have finally done the right thing and decided to introduce daylight saving. We used to live in Melbourne where they have had daylight saving for years. Then we moved to Perth and, as much as I love living here, I have to say we are about 20 years behind the rest of the country. I am so looking forward to long evenings for walking or gardening, or just sitting in the garden enjoying the twilight.

I have a very small garden, very small. I have, however, managed to squeeze in about 20 rose bushes - covering fences and every available space. J and I moved into a townhouse near the beach when our girls left home so that we would have less house maintenance and more time to do other things. One of those other things is looking after J's brother's country property while he is out of Australia. As he lives in France for most of the year this is quite a big task. So when I feel the urge to do some real gardening, this is where we go.

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