11 November 2006

Overcoming the Blah Days

I can't think of a better way to overcome a blah day than to look at a beautiful rose or, in this case, a bunch of beautiful Iceberg roses.

I have had a couple of 'blah' days this week. Why I have them I don't know, but every so often I lose interest in everything and lack energy and enthusiasm. Anyway I am back on track, helped, I believe, by a very excited email from A who is currently in Sydney. She has had discussions with her sister-in-law who is a graphic designer and is very interested in helping us with our venture.

I have had a casualty. My trusty Janome sewing machine is currently in hospital. I was three quarters of the way through working on a new bag design when the poor girl just gave up. I will be without her for a week. Maybe that is why I have been feeling blah.

J and I took my Mum (who is 86 and fabulous) to the movie 'Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont'. It is based on the book written by the English writer Elizabeth Taylor. I became interested in ET's books after reading Jane at Yarnstorm and I have really enjoyed them. I have not yet read Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont (these books are not easy to get here), but I suspect the producers of the movie have made substantial changes to the book, as they usually do. It has certainly been updated to the present time. We all loved it. While it was about loneliness and old age, it was also about making the most of every moment and every person and opportunity that comes into your life. We all had a good cry.

This afternoon M and I are going fabric shopping. I am going to make some new cushions for her family room. I am looking forward to spending some time with her. We rarely get to do it these days. She is a physiotherapist and has a busy life. We do go to a yoga class once a week together. We have been doing this for about five or six years and have to laugh at ourselves because, despite all this time, we are still in the beginners class. Even so, I have noticed enormous benefits just from the little yoga I do. I keep promising myself that I will increase my yoga practise - if I could find more hours in my day I would. Where did I ever find time to go to work every day?

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