08 December 2006

Who said retirement?

Lately A and I have been asking ourselves "what are we doing?". Our emotions go from terror to excitement about what we are taking on. We both hope that once the cut cloth is up and running our lives won't be so crazy. Hey, I am supposed to be retired. I feel guilty about not spending more time with J. He was looking forward to me leaving work so that we could do things together, but all I do is sew. I will have to make more of an effort in that regard.

We paid a visit to the Small Business Development Corporation this week (as you do when you are trying to set up a small business). We came away with the distinct impression that the person we spoke to thought we should go home and just be "mums". Well we are going to be more than mums and if we don't succeed then it won't be from lack of trying. A has been tied to the computer day and night sourcing fabrics and other raw materials and I have been sewing trying to get our product range together (as well as trying to get M's cushions finished before Christmas).

I have also been desperately trying to prepare for Christmas as my brother and his family are arriving from Queensland next week to spend the holiday with us. The tree is decorated, my cross stitch nativity has been taken out of its tissue paper, the presents are bought (not wrapped), the cake is pickling nicely in a bath of brandy and I even have two turtle doves in the garden. Well, doves anyway.

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Suse said...

I just love the fabrics of your cushion covers, and the doorstops from a few posts earlier.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)