01 December 2006

Woolly Latte

I love my coffee and enjoy drinking a really good cup at one of the local cafés as often as I can. One of my favourite cafés is Woolly Latte. This is a wonderful knitting café where you can sip your coffee surrounded by knitting paraphernalia and dream of all the knitting projects you would like to tackle (which you could if you spent less time drinking coffee and more time actually knitting)!

The clever girls at Woolly Latte have knitted a cosy for each of their latte glasses to keep the coffee warm and they really work. You can even buy a kit to knit your own coffee cosy.
This jar of knitting needles looked just like a colourful vase of flowers and would make any mantelpiece proud!

1 comment:

Marjie said...

What a wonderful idea! I have never seen such lovely coffee coats before.And i love the knitting needles. You are so clever - makes me want to fly to Perth!