28 January 2007

Another World

This amazing book has been lurking in my mother’s cupboard forever and I have been coveting it since I discovered it about 3 years ago when we moved her from Sydney to Perth. Mum has now given it to me and that makes me very happy. It originally belonged to my Great Aunt Edith, who Mum tells me, did beautiful needlework. Aunt Edith has covered the book with linen which, sadly, the moths have been nibbling,
and she has stitched the title of the book on the spine. It was published in London but the only date in the book is that written by Aunt Edith – 1898.
It has only the one colour plate.
But many other pictures and diagrams. Love that apron! Tucked away in the back of the book are some Beatrix Potter like embroidery transfers. I am in awe when I handle these and think that they should probably be in a museum somewhere.

In the busy, technologically driven world we live in today, it is hard to imagine a time when there was a need for afternoon cloths and tray cloths. I can’t help wondering if our world would be a better place if there was.

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Marjie said...

I was sure I had entered a comment after this posting. It was telling you that we must never be quick to toss out lovely things. Imagine if Aunt Edith had thrown this book away when she was tired of it!! How much history we would miss.
Love your jottings.