03 January 2007

Good New Year Omen?

While Australia is in the grip of a severe drought, last night in Perth it rained for hours. Here's hoping this is a good omen for the New Year as it is a most unusual event for us to have this much rain in summer. The weather bureau informs us that tonight the tail end of the cyclone which is currently in the north of Western Australia and a low pressure system in the south will converge and we will have a "once in a generation storm". That will be fun!

When I went out into the garden this morning, I could almost hear the plants taking a big sigh as they got some relief from the heat and they soaked up all that wonderful rain.

Every day J and I walk to the beach and every day I marvel at what nature gives us. Today as we walked past an area which is really only sandy wasteland we were greeted by cheery sunflowers. The plants have survived in poor soil with no water for months and yet they still manage to put on a show. Maybe they too appreciated the cooler weather and a good drink.
It's been a wonderful Christmas and all our visitors have gone home. Now it is time to start getting serious with fabrics. We visited the local hardware store today and bought a trestle table which will replace the bed in my sewing room and provide much better working space. But for now I am off to tie down everything in the garden which might take flight when the storm strikes.

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