09 January 2007

A Room of One's Own

All my sewing life I have dreamed of a room which was dedicated to ....... sewing! This week I have attained that goal. What is that saying - all things come to those who wait. The bed has been donated to St Vincent de Paul and at last I can call it my sewing room, instead of my sewing room in the spare bedroom. To the right of the new trestle table is my sewing table. Now I don't have to cut out fabric on the floor or the dining room table and every time I walk through the door I am motivated and inspired to create. Heaven. To celebrate, this afternoon I cut out six cushions, two doorstops and two belts. Yesterday A and I made the first belt for the cut cloth and today it is being modelled.
By the way, the threatened storm by-passed Perth, but did a lot of damage to Esperance on the south coast.

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