14 February 2007

Sad Valentine

Mandy and I spent hours designing, creating and perfecting this bag and thought we had produced a beautiful Valentine's Day bag. Even the lining looks good. Then to our horror, almost before our eyes, it started to bubble as the fabric separated itself from the interfacing. We both felt like weeping. So it was back to the drawing board for us and, fortunately, we have solved the problem by using a sew-in interfacing instead of a fusible one. The fusible interfacing did give the bag a lovely finish, but we decided that what made the bag so good was the fabric itself. So I will be spending a few quiet hours slowly unpicking the red bag so that it can be re-made as it is too beautiful to waste.

1 comment:

Marjie said...

oh you poor dears! What a bummer! I didn't use any interfacing when I made my crummy little bag but it was a fiddle to have the lining sit properly. Your bags are beautiful - makes me want to sew too but not today when it is soo HOT! I love the materials -such lovely colours and patterns. I just know you will do well with selling.