25 February 2007

To Market To Market

The reason I have been AWOL, once again, is that we heard this week that we have been allocated a stall at the Kalamunda Village Markets and we have just over one week to get ready. We have been cutting and stitching like mad women. Apart from getting the products ready, there seems to be a million other details to think about, such as the decoration of our stall, the logistics of getting everything there, attaching swing tags to everything, pricing all the products etc etc. The list just goes on and on. We are both feeling exhausted, excited, terrified, plus a list of other emotions as we are both getting out of our comfort zones with this venture.
We have added lots of new cushions to the mix.

The sling bags look wonderful and the 'bubble' bag has been re-sewn and looks so much better.
I hope someone will be brave enough to wear the orange hat as it really is a knock-out.
Well, I have to get back to the sweat shop. My next post will probably be after the market.


Marjie said...

Once again I am overawed at your ingenious designs! I wish you and A a huge success at the Market, I presume, this Saturday. I do so wish I could be present!
Back on my home front, I have never been busier either nor as tired. I think I am grossly unfit but that is another problem!Tomorrow I am going for a long bush walk with my friend, Di, so I hope to feel revived and invigorated!!
Good luck, my darlings!

Anonymous said...

You are such a natural writer - I finally got back up to date with your blog and as usual it has given me a smile. Great photos - my favourite post is the spider. Love it