04 May 2007

OBE ' d

OBE (overtaken by events as opposed to Order of the British Empire) is a term I learnt recently and which I have been using a lot lately as my whole life seems to be getting overtaken by events. Not in a bad way, it’s just that I seem to be swimming very fast and getting absolutely nowhere. Things which seem important one day suddenly become unimportant as something else arises. It horrifies me how fast the days whiz by and if I can’t look back on my day and see something has been achieved, I am not happy.

Having said that, not all my days have been a waste of time. The Cut Cloth has been moving along nicely and we have been making inroads into our new fabric. When we first saw this Royal Magnolias fabric we wondered if we had made a mistake by including it in our order as we weren't sure how it could be used. However we have now made it up into cushions, hats and even wall art and it looks wonderful. Mixed with other fabrics from the same colourway, it really makes a bold statement.
We have been fulfilling some orders and hope that our customers enjoy receiving their packages as much as we enjoy putting them together. I must say that I would love to receive this parcel in the post.

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