09 May 2007

Up Close and Personal

Yesterday when I was walking through the garden looking at the autumn changes, I took some photos of the roses which are looking so good at the moment and I decided to get right into their hearts. In so doing, my heart was overwhelmed by their beauty. This rose is a Meilland rose called Carefree Wonder and here it is not quite so close. One of my favourites is Seduction. I can still remember the first time I saw this rose, I literally had tears in my eyes because I thought she was so beautiful. I am delighted with this photo. A gentle breeze blew just as I pressed the shutter and the result was this slightly blurred/sharp image.
These beauties are called English Miss. Just look at these soft pink velvety folds, just like whipped cream. It almost makes me want to dive into them. But my all-time favourite is Iceberg. The creamy yellow centre against the pure white of the petals is simplicity itself.

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