08 May 2007

Colours and Fruits of Autumn

One of the things I miss about living in Melbourne is the spectacular change which occurs in nature during spring and autumn, but particularly autumn. I was bemoaning this fact to myself this morning when I noticed that the leaves on the Chinese Tallow Tree were beginning to turn. Very soon they will all be bright red. Then I started to look at other changes in the garden. The olives were fat and black. The purple berries on the Lilly-Pilly tree were plump and luscious. As were the red berries on the Cotoneaster. There were rosehips on the climbing Iceberg rose, which had somehow escaped my secateurs, and the autumn roses were putting on a colourful display.
So while autumn in Perth may not be as spectacular as it is in other regions of Australia, I decided that if I looked around me more carefully and closely, instead of expecting an "in your face" display, I could find plenty of signs of autumn and I can live with that.

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