28 July 2007

Lemony Loveliness

My lemon tree is laden with fruit which is very pleasing as last year it had some sort of hissy fit and I didn't get a single lemon. Some TLC in the form of sheep manure and citrus food has paid off and now we are enjoying lots of lemony loveliness. I love lemons and use them with so many things. Roast chicken stuffed with chopped lemons, garlic and basil is divine. Lemon with lamb also works very well. Lemon rind and parsley will go on top of tonight's Osso Bucco and who could go past a delicious lemon tart. A bowl of lemons on the table gives a room a lovely sunny look and on a rainy day can bring the sun inside.
Surrounded by so many lemons, I was inspired to get into the kitchen which has resulted in two jars of preserved lemons (not very pretty to look at but, in a few weeks, delicious to eat),
a luscious bowl of lemon curd
and, to stop me eating it by the spoonful every time I open the fridge, a batch of lemon curd cup cakes.
Having said that there is still half the bowl left to tempt me and I think I will give it away because I won't be able to resist it. That burst of sweet and sour lemony flavour in the mouth is irrestible. After all that activity there was only one thing left to do
and we did! Yum.

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