25 July 2007

Anyone for Shopping?

In Perth each year there is a huge craft fair which is held in one of the large parks of Subiaco. Almost 10,000 people attend and we thought what better way could there be to introduce The Cut Cloth 'to the masses'. So we are off to market again. We have been brainstorming new products and the first of these is a beautiful alternative to the ugly green supermarket shopping bags. Admittedly these won't be much good for the weekly shop, but they are just right for smaller items and would make great library bags.
We are having so much fun mixing and matching the fabrics and, just for fun, we will probably include the occasional outrageous combination. We would also like to include some tableware and as an experiment I made this table runner. We have lots of ideas for other products and now only need more hours in the day and more hands with which to sew. Even if only a small percentage of that 10,000 purchased an item from The Cut Cloth, this would mean that we have to produce a lot of product, so the sweat shop is once again gearing up. As I write, it is grey and wet outside and I can't think of a better way to spend the winter months.

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Marjie said...

I wish you a happy and wonderfully profitable time at the market! Hope the rain disappears! Love the new bag and table runner. Have you made a cummerbund (Di's) yet? We had a glorious 'warm' day yesterdy and today it is wet, wet, wet!It's M's birthday too.
Good luck!