11 September 2007

Daisy Chain

I did something today which I haven't done for years - I made a daisy chain. When John and I were out for our walk I noticed that the cape weed daisies were everywhere and, for reasons unknown, I felt compelled to bend down and pick some. When we got home I decided to chain them together and it brought back wonderful memories of childhood summers when we had no cares or responsibilities and could lie all day in the long grass and join daisies together. I wonder if children today still do this. As we got older we pulled the petals off the daisies and asked them if a certain boy 'loved us'.
If I have a grand-daughter, I will teach her how to make daisy chains and if I have a grandson I would like to teach him too, but his father might not approve!

1 comment:

Marjie said...

Such gorgeous photos and pretty colours! You have made me smile once more - our childhood certainly did give us wonderful memories. I still have to pick a bunch of flowers on Saturday morning as I did for Mum almost every week. Your grandchild will be so lucky to have you nearby.