15 September 2007

Spring Bounty

Today John and I drove out to the Swan Valley and came home laden with wonderful Spring produce. Freshly picked broad beans, asparagus and avocados. I wasted no time in podding the broad beans which we will eat tonight with a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt and freshly ground pepper. Delicious. However, I must admit to a pang of guilt when I took these little babies out of their wonderfully soft, safe pods ready for the cooking pot. They looked so cosy in their lovely soft furry nests. Then my stomach over-ruled my heart, I thought about how good they were going to taste and I stopped feeling guilty. After all, if I am going to feel bad about eating vegetables then by rights I shouldn't eat meat either and that wouldn't leave me much choice. Sometimes greed is good!

For dessert we bought some fabulous strawberries. I did consider making strawberry jam (for about 5 seconds). The last time I did this I ended up with a burnt mess of strawberries and sugar all over the stove which took hours to clean and I don't think the stovetop has ever been the same since. Much more generous to share them around the family. All this red and green reminds me of a certain season starting with "C". However, it is far too early to be thinking about this so I won't say (write) the word.
All of this bounty has to be washed down with something and what better than a good white, also from the Swan Valley.

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