21 September 2007


There was an exciting parcel awaiting me at the front door today. The fabrics I had ordered for a new quilt have arrived. I love their 1950s retro look. I haven't worked out when I am going to make this quilt as I do have fabric for several other quilts mounting up in the sewing room, however I couldn't resist these and already I know that I am going to make a strippy quilt with them. This style of quilt, ie fabric sewn together in long strips, should be quick and easy to make - I just need the time.
In the meantime, it is standing in line behind my very bright asymmetrical sunshine quilt, on which I am making some progress, albeit slow..... .....and my Kaffe Fassett designed shirt-stripe boxes quilt (for which I am scouring op shops looking for men's old blue and white stripe shirts). The men in this family are in great danger of having the shirt whipped off their back if it's a blue and white stripe. I really like this quilt. It appeals to my love of geometric design.
Then, I think there will have to be a cot quilt fitted in somewhere and, of course, we have lots and lots of items still to be made for the market in November. My life is now divided up into periods of time BM and AM, ie before market and after market. Quilting will definitely be in the AM period.

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