10 October 2007

Bamboozled by Colour

We are getting down to the pointy end with our fabric. We have an idea of which colours we would like to use, but there are so many variations within each colour range it is giving us headaches. We think we have chosen a colour and then we see something which we like better or which we think will work better with the other colours. We had no idea it would be so difficult to finalise this aspect. The choice of colour can change completely the way the design looks and, until the fabric is actually printed, it is hard to know how it is really going to look. We want to give the range a summery look, but we don't want it to look too pastel or 'lolly'. So we will continue to bury ourselves in colour and hopefully, at the end of the exercise, we will emerge with something with which we are extremely happy. Wish us luck!

1 comment:

Hollabee said...

another addition to 'the fabric designer club' ;)
All the best, look forward to seeing your fabrics