15 October 2007

Seduced by Seduction

It was me, wasn't it, who just a few short months ago, after an exhausting pruning session, declared that I was never going to plant another rose. Deep down I knew I was only kidding. Today, after a lovely birthday lunch at my favourite cafe at Cottesloe beach with John and Mum, we detoured home via a garden centre where I succumbed and bought Seduction. I already have one bush in the front garden, but you can never have enough Seduction.
The spot I had in mind for it in the back garden is currently occupied by Eglantyne, a David Austen rose.
She is very beautiful and the bush looks extremely healthy, but she gives me only about four or five roses all year and so I decided she had to go. Mum was horrified at my plan and queried why I would remove such a beautiful plant and on looking at her again I had to agree. So Eglantyne had a lucky escape and lives on for at least another year. Instead, the bird bath has to go as it is taking up the only space left in my garden where Seduction will fit.
It can't go far however as the doves drink from it every morning.
My other purchases at the garden centre were an obelisk which will provide good support for my Sparrieshoop rose and some 'Happy Roses Health Tonic'. The label makes rather grandiose claims and I am expecting miracles to occur. Eglantyne will be receiving a double dose!
So it was a good day for me, and a good day for the roses (particularly Eglantyne).

While on the subject of roses, this is Pierre de Ronsard which is looking particularly beautiful this year following a very heavy prune in the winter.

Melissa is now making her cards using cut cloth fabric. I can't wait until she joins the team.

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